Foam & Coating Roof System

With the right roofing option, you are able to insulate your home to help you reduce your energy costs and protect you against the elements. Roofing Consultants of Arizona wants to help you find and install the roof that fits your unique needs.

With more than three decades of experience, our foam estimators have an impressive knowledge when it comes to the benefits of foam roof insulation and coating. That is why we happily take the time to discuss foam roof options with our clients to ensure they fully understand what it can bring to a roofing system.

Choosing Foam Roof System for Your Property

There are a number of reasons why you should consider a foam and coating system for your property. This impressive roofing system creates a leak-free, monolithic seal over your entire roof deck. This self-flashing and seamless system delivers a high insulation value to your home, which means rapid payback with energy savings. Just how protective is foam roofing? Well, each 1” of foam equals 6.2 R-Value – that is quite impressive!

The benefits of working with our foam roofing don’t stop there, however. This roofing system is known for its strong adhesive properties, which means exceptional resistance when it comes to wind uplift. This lightweight and high-strength roofing option is also very weather resistant, which means you can feel confident it will withstand much of what Mother Nature throws at it. Some of the popular brands of foam roofing we work with include:

  • LaPolla Industries Foam & Coating
  • ProTech

Maintaining & Prolonging the Life of Your Roof

Want to get the most out of your foam roofing investment? Then we recommend that you opt to recoat periodically to maintain your renewable roof system for a lifetime. The first recoat is recommended every five to seven years. Successive recoats should then be applied once every 10 years. This important maintenance really extends the life of your roof so that it continues to function just as you want for a long time to come.

Interested in what other maintenance services you should consider to avoid troubles with your foam roofing system? Our contractor recommends receiving an inspection on an annual basis so that you can find out the current condition of your roof. It is also important for you to repair normal punctures and bird pecks as well as to keep your roof clean of all debris. These simple maintenance services, along with our recoating services, should help you maintain your foam roof coating and insulation with ease.

Contact us to improve the insulation of your home with exceptional foam roofing.