Tile Roofing

Wide view of house with tile roofingWhen it comes to the different roof options available to homeowners, tile roofing is a clear candidate for one of the most popular choices people make. Why? Because roof tiles are designed to be durable, strong, and environmentally friendly. Even better, these tiles also provide natural insulation and are simply very attractive on your home.

Roofing Consultants of Arizona is a tile roof installation and repair company that is ready to help you learn more about this great roofing option and why it might just be the perfect fit for your home. We offer both clay and concrete tile roofing options, which help you adjust the style to fit your needs.

The Durability & Strength of Roof Tiles

Did you know that concrete tile is designed to last between 30-50 years? Clay tile goes even further by being able to last well over 100 years with the proper care. This longevity is what has helped roof tiles develop a reputation of being extremely durable. It helps that these tiles are also pretty resistant to hail, wind, and fire when installed properly by one of our professionals.

These roof tiles also provide a barrier to protect the underlayment of your roof, which creates natural insulation. This allows them to isolate the heat and cold from being transferred to your home, which helps you save money on your energy bills. Speaking of energy savings, tile roofing is also very environmentally friendly. Concrete tile is made with a mixture of sand, cement, and water while clay tile is made with a mixture of clay, cement, and tile. This allows them to be recycled and reused to cut down on waste.

Interested in what sort of maintenance you’ll need to perform to keep your new tile roof looking and working great? Just have it inspected on an annual basis and make sure all penetrations are properly sealed. Our tile roof repair team is able to come out and fix or replace any cracked, chipped, or broken tile as well as secure loose tile and repair mortar caps. To avoid damage it is recommended that you keep your roof clean of all debris.

The Attractive Options of Tile Roofing

Close view of house with tile roofTile roofing provides you great looks for almost any type of style you are looking to create. Want something Mediterranean? Antique? How about contemporary? You are able to find the right match for your property with our roof tiles. There are so many different styles and color options available to you that you might even need to ask our specialists to help you figure out the perfect option.

From barrel and Spanish S to Flat, Roman, and royal, there are many different types of roof tiles available to you. Choose from flat-profile tile with no curves, low-profile tile with small curves, or high-profile tile with large curves, we will make sure your installation service goes off without a hitch. Some of the tile companies we work with include:

  • Boral Tile
  • Eagle Tile
  • US Clay Tile
  • Redlands Clay Tile
  • Cholla Tile (Sandcast)

Contact us for more information about the benefits that come with a tile roof installation. Our crews are ready to install tile roofs for clients located throughout the valley.